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Part Thirty-Three:

Regina rolled her eyes as ten seconds after the team made their way onto the field, Kathryn shouted out the start of her typical, “David Nolan, he’s our man. If he can’t do it, no one can,” chant. Regina loved David like a brother, but Kathryn’s excessive need to constantly point out that the star of the team was her twin was incredibly annoying. Still, she joined in with the chant, and couldn’t help but to smile when David turned, waved, and winked at the cheer squad. He was such a ham.

When the guys all turned and huddled around the coach, the cheer squad turned to face the fan stands. Regina smiled at her father who was seated very near the squad, and he returned the loving expression. She then opened her mouth to shout out the start of their next chant, their typical warm-up routine, but the sound choked and died in her throat as her gaze zeroed in on two of the only people on their feet in the stands.

Emma Swan and a woman that Regina recognized but couldn’t quite place the name of were making their way up the stairs of the row just to Regina’s left, looking for an empty place to sit. Regina’s throat grew tight and itching and her heart fluttered madly as she watched the blonde, hair down and flowing in the slight breeze, climb the steps.

She actually came.

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Things that unite Europe

  • European Union
  • Eurovision

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Hello! My baby!


Hello! My honey!





Oh my god

this is the most accurate representation of working in 3D I have ever seen

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  • starting a sports anime: do not fall in love with a third year do not fall in love with a third year do not fall in love with a third year do not fall in love with a third year do not fall in love with a third year do not--
  • during the sports anime: .....fuck.